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Samsung patents new phone case that can wirelessly charge Gear smartwatch

The new Samsung Gear smartwatch patents were published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office


The US Patents office recently approved  and published a Samsung patent for wireless charging technology in the Gear series smartwatches. The patent highlights how the device will get charged and the technologies used to achieve the same. As per the listing, the Samsung Galaxy phone case will use the Millimeter Wave Technology  to charge the device. The cover in the image is more of a case with the front and the back areas both involved in some way in the charging technology.

The new wireless charging technology is mainly to help users charge their devices while on the go. The case will be attached to the smartphone via a USB cable, hidden under the back cover. The back cover also houses the transmission coil. The wireless power control processor and a direct current-alternating power converter will be placed in the front cover that will otherwise be used to cover the Galaxy phone display.

Samsung has not highlighted which Galaxy phones the new case will be compatible with though it is expected to come with the premium, flagship devices. The exact design and look of the case are also not revealed by the patent images. Also, as Samsung has already unveiled the Gear series Gear S3 watch, it is highly likely that the technology, if implemented will come with the next generation of Samsung smartwatches. ALSO READ: Samsung’s Tizen is now more popular than Android Wear, Apple WatchOS still dominates the market

Samsung is expected to launch a range of devices at IFA 2017 in September like the Galaxy Tablets and Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. There might also be an updated version of the smartwatch launched, though for the time being it seems highly unlikely. There have not been any leaks or rumors surrounding a new Samsung smartwatch and considering the Gear S3 is only a few months old, Samsung might wait till 2018 to announce the next edition.

Apart from simply charging the smartwatch, the Samsung patent also reveals the possibility to integrate the service with multimedia apps and allow for data transfer or control tasks on the smartwatch through the phone display. The wireless charging technology has often been promoted by both, Apple and Samsung and future devices – smartphones and wearables, both are expected to come with the wireless charging feature.

Whether this patent will convert into an actual device is only speculation as there are multiple patents phone companies have that eventually don’t amount to anything. However, with Apple expected to support wireless charging in iPhone 8 and accompanying devices, Samsung is clearing trying to stay ahead in the game. Whether the case will come in the near future is still a debate though the possibility cannot be discounted.

  • Published Date: June 20, 2017 2:20 PM IST