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Samsung reveals plans to put a notch in three different phone designs

The Infinity U, V, and O are the new notch-friendly display designs

  • Published: November 8, 2018 5:43 PM IST
Samsung Infinity notch display

Samsung had poked fun at Apple’s iPhone since the last decade and continued when iPhone X arrived with a notch. Now the South Korean conglomerate is about to eat its own words. At the SDC 2018 in San Francisco, Samsung confirmed it’s joining the smartphone notch bandwagon. The new Samsung smartphones with three different notch designs can be expected to hit the market from 2019 onwards.

Hassan Anjum, a director of product marketing at Samsung, took the stage to talk about maximizing the display’s real estate by reducing the bezels size. Anjum stated that the bezels are going to shrink further and teased the company’s new display lineup – Infinity U, V, and O displays. It’s unclear what components other than a front-facing camera will be part of that notch.

The new Infinity display design will be representative of the respective letters. So the Infinity U display will have a U-shaped cutout for the notch. It’s too early to estimate the number of components that notch will accommodate.

Similarly, the Infinity V display will have the V-shaped design with edges. The Infinity O has a rather eyebrow-raising design wherein the notch or the circular cutout will close to the left side and a centimeter below the top edge.

There was a new Infinity display design shown but not discussed. From the looks and Samsung’s approach, the new Infinity display might bring the true bezel-less and edge-to-edge display design through the company’s smartphone arsenal.

It’s fun to watch Samsung follow Apple’s suite after poking phone of the Notch on several occasions. That’s not new, however. In a 132-page internal memo from February 2010, plans by Samsung to copy Apple were revealed.

Whether you like the notch or not, there’s no way to avoid it since Samsung is stepping up its game as well.

  • Published Date: November 8, 2018 5:43 PM IST