Samsung sued by US-based PACid Technologies for patent infringement

Samsung could end up paying up to $3 billion in damages if found guilty.

  • Published: April 13, 2018 3:18 PM IST

Samsung is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world right now. However, it has reached that stage by battling a number of patent litigation, including the one where Apple sued the South Korean company for copying its designs for the Galaxy smartphone. Apart from the Apple lawsuit, Samsung has also been accused infringing 4G patents by Huawei in China. While Samsung has emerged unaffected from those ligitations, it has got to battle one more lawsuit.

US-based security firm PACid Technologies has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. In the lawsuit, it alleges that biometric authentication features including the fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, iris scanning, Samsung Pass and Samsung KNOX found on different Galaxy smartphones, have infringed upon two of its patents in the US. It adds that one of the patent is infringed in South Korea as well. It adds that Samsung knew about PACid’s patents since January 2017.

The lawsuit covers Samsung Galaxy devices ranging from the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy S8 launched last year. The list of infringing devices includes all the variants of these devices. If found guilty of being aware of PACid’s patents, Samsung stands to pay up to three times the damage amount per unit sold. Sammobile reports that the damage could amount up to $3 billion for the Korean company.

In the past, we have seen multiple companies like PACid allege big tech companies to have infringed their patents. The lawsuit filed by PACid against Samsung seems like a classic case of patent troll, where a smaller company acquires patents with a sole purpose of filing lawsuits against larger tech corporations. The practice is predominant in the tech industry, and recently tech analysts called BlackBerry as another patent troll when it filed lawsuit against Facebook and Snapchat.

In the past, PACid has filed similar lawsuits against other leading tech companies including Nintendo, Apple and Google. There is a possibility that lawsuit against Samsung could end up being just another addition to its laundry list of lawsuits against large corporations. If Samsung manages to deter this lawsuit then it will stop other patent trolls from copying the mechanism. But if PACid succeeds then it will have a lot of money to develop valuable products in the future.

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  • Published Date: April 13, 2018 3:18 PM IST