Samsung's foldable, dual-screen smartphone to launch at its upcoming developer conference

The teaser tweet by Samsung comes with a caption, “The crossroads between the present and the future.”

  • Published: October 23, 2018 8:57 PM IST
samsung stock image

Samsung has just teased what appears to be its much anticipated foldable smartphone. According to the teaser, the company is expected to reveal the device in its Developer Conference next month. This teaser is not out of the blue as previous reports had indicated that the company may reveal the device before the end of the year. According to the teaser, the conference is scheduled to take place on November 7-8 in San Francisco. It is unclear if the company is planning to reveal the final hardware or if it will be a functioning prototype of the device.

Taking a closer look at the teaser, one can see a graphical representation of a device that can bend from the middle. It may hint at the foldable smartphone or a device with a dual screen. The teaser tweet comes with a caption, “The crossroads between the present and the future” with the short video clip adding, “Where now meets next.” Samsung has not revealed any other details about the upcoming device, but rumors have indicated that the device may come with a 4.6-inch external screen along with a 7.3-inch internal screen that is foldable. To simplify, this means that the device will look like a 7.3-inch smartphone when it is retracted to its smaller size.

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Once a user opens the foldable smartphone from its retracted state, it up will make it look similar to a table with about 10-inch screen estate. It is likely that the device will come with an OLED display with the ability to bend as the company has already showcased flexible AMOLED display back in 2018.

The device is expected to launch next year and the first batch is likely to be a limited run of about 500,000 units to ensure that the company can get a better sense of demand before committing more resources.

  • Published Date: October 23, 2018 8:57 PM IST