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Samsung's foldable OLED screen to go into manufacturing phase soon

The screens will initially be used on the much rumored and touted Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

  • Published: July 1, 2018 11:58 AM IST
samsung foldable phone

The rumors and chatter about foldable smartphones have been active for a while now, but reports finally suggest that Samsung could bring its foldable smartphone to market in 2019. A new report from Korean publication ET News suggests that Samsung Display will start mass production of its foldable OLED screens in the coming months, with the aim to supply the folding phone next year.

The foldable phone, codenamed the Samsung Galaxy X, is set to launch in 2019, and production of the folding screens will kick off in time for that. The unique aspect of the design is that the screen will fold naturally, and not be reliant on hinges or separate screens. In its folded form, the device can work as a smartphone, and when opened out it will work as a tablet. The form factor will allow the same device to work with both the conveniences of small and big screens, without bulking up the device itself by too much.

Foldable smartphones are expected to be the big trend of 2019, and have been anticipated for some time now. Of course, the biggest element of such a phone would be the folding screen, and this has been virtually at the mercy of Samsung’s development. Samsung Display is one of the leading manufacturers of displays in the world, and a pioneer in the OLED screen department.

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OLED is a key factor enabling folding screens, because of its design characteristics. Not just Samsung, but even Huawei has announced that it will be bringing its first foldable smartphone in 2019, and other manufacturers including Motorola and Oppo have shown interest in the field. With production set to go live, it seems that we’re finally on track to actually see foldable smartphones in the coming months.

  • Published Date: July 1, 2018 11:58 AM IST