Samsung's new Frame TV comes with new smart controls, better HDR and more art

The TV is the successor to last year's The Frame, a TV that doubled up as digital artwork in its spare time.

  • Published: July 3, 2018 2:04 PM IST
samsung the frame 2018

Among the huge list of TVs that are designed to be, well, TVs, Samsung’s The Frame stands out. While it is a perfectly good TV in its own right, its USP is what it does when the TV is switched off. With a unique design and a software feature that gives it its name, the Frame doubles up as art or a photo frame when it isn’t being used as a TV. Now, Samsung has updated its product, and The Frame (2018) gets some useful improvements.

The biggest improvement in the 4K TV is to the HDR technology in the TV. While last year’s Frame came with HDR Pro technology, this year’s model steps up to HDR 10+, which is a slightly newer and better technology. This will likely show some slight differences in practice if you watch a lot of HDR content on your TV. It also comes with some new smart features that allow you to send certain configuration details such as Wi-Fi and Samsung Account info to the TV directly from a phone, as well as Bixby built-in for voice control.

When the TV isn’t in use, you can either have a custom image or set of images shown on the screen, or you can choose from the Samsung Art Store on the TV and have a famous work of art displayed. You would have to buy some of these works of art or famous images, considering you’d be paying for an official digital recreation of the original. You can also subscribe to the service and get access to a huge collection as part of the subscription.

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For the 2018 model, some more works of art have been included as part of the free collection that comes with the TV, and you can always get more art from the store. The 2017 version of the Frame is available in India from Rs 2,74,900 onwards, and it’s likely that the 2018 version will carry a similar price tag. Like last year, the TV will come in two sizes: 55-inch and 65-inch.

  • Published Date: July 3, 2018 2:04 PM IST