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Siri is Batcomputer and you are the Lego Batman

Grooving on the Lego Batman fever, Siri has her ‘Puter game on!


Say these words to your Siri, “Hey Puter”, and just wait for the delightful answer. Well, delightful if you are a Batman fan. Basically, Apple’s digital assistant Siri got a Lego Batman-themed update. Now, you just have to pretend and talk to Siri like it’s the Batcomputer, and then just see the magic roll.

Of course we tried it too, and the trick that works with Siri is if you say, “Hey ‘Puter” or “Hey computer”, and Siri would give the most Batman-appropriate responses to that. Mine told me “Welcome home Sir. I have your romcoms queued up, sorted by decade.” Now I saw my Siri took a dig at me, but well, I did feel like Batman. By the way, my ‘Puter snitches on Robin and Alfred too.

batcomputer-1 batcomputer

This isn’t the first time Siri has gotten a timely pop culture-inspired update. Apple’s assistant is a known fan of Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, Pokémon Go, and a whole bunch of other robot-themed sci-fi movies.

And since we told you about how Siri has an inclination to be theme-appropriate, let us also dare you not to ask Siri to be your Valentine, because you would not like the answer.


It’s really good to see Apple paying heed to such interest of its users. As is its own benefit, the company is trying to track the popular trend among its users, such as the craze for Lego Batman right now. Similarly, with sudden hike in fondness for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, and the craze behind their original production, Apple has caught on to the trend too. ALSO READ: Apple Music unveils its first two original TV series

Apple yesterday unveiled the first glimpse of the future of series-TV programming on Apple Music with trailers for its first two series. Footage of both unscripted series was unveiled. Officials said they are planning a spring launch date. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, said “Karaoke” will premiere in April, while no specific date has been set for “Planet”.

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  • Published Date: February 15, 2017 6:05 PM IST