Snapchat finally brings back reverse chronological order for Stories

Part of the redesign that happened last year, Snapchat turned Stories in an algorithmically sorted feed.

  • Published: April 9, 2018 5:24 PM IST

Snapchat’s redesign was not essentially enjoyed by most of its users. People found it confusing and insisted that Snapchat go back to its older design. Part of this redesign also started to show Stories in an algorithmically sorted feed, rather than chronological order. However, company CEO Evan Spiegel said that that was the kind of reaction he hoped from the redesign, and that people will eventually get used to it.

But as it turns out, Spiegel and the company aren’t trying to entirely wait it out on the users, and have actually listened to its users’ grievances. Snapchat is reportedly rolling back the redesign (at least for some users) and instead showing Snapchat Stories in reverse chronological order once again.

At the time of redesign, Snapchat CEO stressed that it wants to move towards offering its user base more personalized content. That’s how the algorithmically sorted feed also came into account. That idea, while well conceived, was not particularly well received by everyone.

According to a post by TechCrunch, some people are now seeing the reverse chronological ordering of Stories, both in the version of the app where there are separate Stories and Chat tabs, as well as the design where there is only Stories and All tabs.

The difference between the reverse chronological order and the algorithmic one is that the chronological order benefits any user who is active on the platform. So for you and I, if we are regular on the platform, our posts will be visible. However, with the algorithmic feed, the benefit is primarily for social media platforms, who already have a huge bunch of followers, and they remain to stay more visible than an average user.

Do note, the new order is only visible to a few people. Snapchat hasn’t confirmed if this means a phased rollout or if the feature is still being experimented with. Follow this space for more updates on that.

  • Published Date: April 9, 2018 5:24 PM IST