Snapchat working on a new ‘Stories Everywhere’ feature: Report

The feature will essentially allow users to share Snapchat content to other websites and apps.

  • Published: December 28, 2017 10:25 AM IST

Get ready to see Snapchat stories everywhere! Snapchat is reportedly working on a new product called ‘Stories Everywhere’, which aims to make its content more accessible outside the app. To lead the effort, Snap Inc has apparently hired former News Corp executive Rahul Chopra.

First reported by Cheddar Scoop, Snapchat is adopting this new feature in order to widen its user base, which has been seen to grow stagnant lately. Effectively, Snapchat’s Stories Everywhere product is aimed at making it easier to discover videos shared in the app on other websites and apps. With the new feature, Snapchat is trying to entice more users to share its collection of crowd sourced videos for everything.

This move echoes Twitter’s efforts in 2011, which allowed content publishers to embed tweets on their websites. And this will mark the first time that Snap will allow its users to widely distribute its content. This will also be the first time that Snapchat will let other apps to show its curated content of user videos, which Snap calls ‘Our Stories’.

Snapchat took the first step towards content earlier this year, when it allowed its users to share other people’s stories and content by publishers with their friends, but within the app. This would surely open a way for Snapchat to make money through licensing.

Additionally, the company is also said to be restructuring its expanding content division while it slowly rolls out it’s biggest redesign ever that it announced about a month ago. CEO Evan Spiegel had announced that the redesign would to make the app “easier to use” but didn’t specify when the redesign would be released.

While Spiegel hinted that Snapchat could adopt some sort of Facebook-like feed system for showing content, the planned redesign will apparently still open to the camera. But instead of separating message threads between friends to the left of the camera from their shared “Stories” to the right of the camera, the redesign will show all friend-based communication, including Stories, to the left. The left will show all communication between friends, including message threads and the shared Stories that are currently shown to the right from the camera.

Towards the right swipe, will be all crowdsourced videos from users around events like sports games, which Snapchat calls “Our Stories,” along with content produced by Snapchat’s publishing partners like NBC and BuzzFeed. The window to the right of the camera will also show Stories from verified celebrities on Snapchat, a move seemingly aimed at further separating interactions between friends and public figures. Snap is also believed to use algorithms to personalize the “endless” feed of videos to the right of the camera.

  • Published Date: December 28, 2017 10:25 AM IST