Sony announces 2018 headphone and speaker lineup, debuts truly wireless headphones

Sony is ramping up its audio offerings in the country with the launch of its 2018 headphones and speakers.

  • Published: April 16, 2018 3:31 PM IST
Sony headphones 2018 lineup main

Sony has launched its 2018 headphone and speaker line-up in India. The new products launched today include WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WI-SP500, WI-C300, WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 headphones, and SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 Extra Bass speakers.

The highlight of this product lineup is the company’s first truly noise cancelling headphone that also supports digital noise cancelling technology. With smartphone makers ditching the proprietary 3.5mm headphone jack, it has become clear that truly wireless headphones are the way forward for the industry as well as consumers. With WF-SP700N, Sony is offering the flexibility to experience without tangling with any cables, and yet get core features like noise cancellation and splash-proof design.

The headphone also supports an Ambient Sound mode where users can hear what’s happening in their ambient environment. The headphones also support Sony’s Extra Bass sound that offers deeper bass in coordination with noise cancelling technology. Sony WF-SP700N users can further tweak the EQ settings of their headphone using Headphones Connect app. The wireless headphone has a battery life of around three hours, which offers two additional charges to the headphone.

In addition to WF-SP700N, Sony is also introducing two standard wireless in-ear models in the form of WI-SP600N and WI-SP500. These headphones are sports headphones and WI-SP600N features same digital noise cancelling and splash-proof rating of the WF-SP700N and has a battery rated for approximately six hours. The WI-SP500, on the other hand, offers eight hours of battery life in one charge. Sony is also introducing WI-C300, WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 as part of the revamped lineup in India.

In a released statement, Sony says these headphones will be optimized for Google Assistant with an update. After the update, those using these headphones can ask questions and get things done. With the launch of WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WI-SP500, WI-C300, WH-CH400 and WH-CH500, Sony is ramping up its audio offerings in the country. All these headphones come with Sony’s one-touch connectivity, NFC and Bluetooth functions.

Sony is pricing the WF-SP700N at Rs 12,990, and it will be available in black and yellow color from May 15, 2018. The WI-SP600N is priced at Rs 9,990, and will also be available from May 15 in black. The WI-SP500, WI-C300, WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 are priced at Rs 4,990, Rs 2,990 and Rs 3,790 respectively, and are now available through select Sony retail stores. The WH-CH500 will be available from May 15, and is priced at Rs 4,990.

In addition to these headphones, Sony has also launched SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 Extra Bass wireless speakers. These new wireless speakers are all about portability and durability along with Sony’s trademark Extra Bass sound system. All the three speakers come with IP67 rating and can be purchasd in up to four colors. Sony claims these speakers provide 24 hour battery life, and come equipped with multi-color line lights and flashing strobe lights for a festive appearance.

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With the new Extra Bass speaker lineup, Sony users can connect up to 100 speakers together to create a wireless chain system via Bluetooth. The speakers can further boost the sound by enabling “Party Booster” feature.

On the pricing front, Sony SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 Extra Bass wireless speakers are priced at Rs 13,990, Rs 9,990 and Rs 7,990 respectively. They will be available starting today in multiple color options with SRS-XB21 available in black, blue, red and white colors.

  • Published Date: April 16, 2018 3:31 PM IST