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Sony announces Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 with 1TB storage

The limited edition PlayStation 4 will be cheaper than the original one.


Sony has announced an all new Limited Edition PlayStation 4 model. The popular gaming device, PS4 will come in gold variant as the limited edition item and will be made available only on specific dates. Much before the official announcement by Sony, the device was already rumored on multiple Reddit threads.

Along with the new Gold PS4, Sony is also announcing ‘Days of Play’ a 9-day long fest where Sony PlayStation users will be able to get multiple offers and discounts on games, software and more. The Gold edition PS4 will be up for sale only during this period – from June 9 to June 17 and will be sold on a First Come First Serve basis. The device comes in 1TB storage variant and will be accompanied in a controller of the same color.

There will be no other variants of the PlayStation up for sale during this period. The new limited edition device is surprisingly cheaper at $249 (approx. Rs 16,000) than the original at $299 (PS4 1TB is priced at Rs 37,990 in India). The limited edition PS4 will not be available in India. As to the other specifications, there’s still no word from Sony. It is unclear if the PlayStation will come with the same specifications or they will be toned down/ramped up for the limited edition gaming console. ALSO READ: Sony reportedly stops production of PlayStation 3 in Japan

The discount and sale dates for the new limited edition device coincide with E3 2017, where Sony is expected to take a backseat this year. The gaming giant last announced the PS4 Pro, PS4 VR which arrived in India in February this year. On the other hand, rivals Nintendo and Microsoft are expected to make major announcements at the upcoming event. While Nintendo might make announcements related to Switch, Microsoft is expected to unveil Project Scorpio, the competitor to PS4 Pro. No details about Project Scorpio are yet known except the odd rumor and leak.

As per latest news reports, Sony PlayStation owners spend nearly 50,000 hours per week gaming on the device. PS4 Pro series has proved to be extremely successful for Sony and though the company has constantly declined to comment on the sales figures, recent statements hint at one in every 5 PS4s being a PS4 Pro. On the other hand, PlayStation VR sales have crossed the million mark. Sony is also rumored to launch the PlayStation 5 next year, in the second half of 2018 though it is still very early days to comment on the device or discuss leaks and rumors. However, as Sony maintains a long gap (6-7 years) between each next-gen console launches, the timeline seems a bit early and it could be false leads.

  • Published Date: June 6, 2017 2:51 PM IST