Spectacles by Snapchat now come with polarized lenses that look more like regular sunglasses

There are no changes in terms of the software and internal hardware between the Original Spectacles 2.

  • Published: September 6, 2018 7:17 PM IST
Snap Spectacles 2 New styles

Image credit: Snap.Inc

Snap Inc, the company that is behind the popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat has just launched a new version of its Spectacles. This new version of the wearable glasses makes Spectacles look like your regular sunglasses. If you don’t know what Spectacles are then to recap, the company launched the first version of Spectacles back in 2016. These glasses camera with a camera lens which could be used to record short video clips. Users could then sync the video clips to their smartphones and upload them on their Snapchat stories. The company announced the second generation of the Spectacles earlier this year.

The second generation of Spectacles came with upgraded hardware and software which features water resistance and increased storage. The new version comes in two styles, the ‘Nico’ and ‘Veronica’. There are no changes in terms of the software and internal hardware between the Original Spectacles 2 that was announced earlier this year and the new Nico and Veronica models. Talking about the design, the new models also come with “polarized lenses” on the front along with the added “semi-sort” black case instead of the bright yellow hard case that comes with the original Spectacles 2.

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The company has priced both new variants at $199 and according to a report by The Verge, they will be available in “limited quantities” at launch. Similar to previous versions, Snap has teamed up with Lensabl to allow Spectacle users to order prescription lenses for their Spectacles.

According to the report, the company added that users have been posting “on average, 40 percent more photos and videos” that have been captured using the Spectacles 2. Snap has also made it easier for users to share the videos and images that they shot using the Spectacles on platforms other than Snapchat.

  • Published Date: September 6, 2018 7:17 PM IST