Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: Here's how to watch live stream in India

People in India will be able to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 via a YouTube live stream.

  • Published: January 21, 2019 9:32 AM IST

Image: NASA

The Moon will turn red on January 20 and January 21. A total lunar eclipse, the Super Blood Wolf Moon, will be seen only in select parts of the world. These parts include North America, Central America, and South America, North-Eastern part of Russia, North-Western France, North-Western Spain, Portugal, and a small area of West Africa. It’ll not be visible in Asia and Australia. So sadly, people in India will not be able to watch the celestial event directly, but there is a live stream available through YouTube channel ‘Timeanddate’.

Now we are just a few hours away from total lunar eclipse, the Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019. The last total lunar eclipse in US, UK was seen almost 10 years ago. The next will occur after three years on May 26, 2021. The eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow.

A total lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth intersect in a straight line in space. In this case, the Sun is behind the Earth, and the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. In case of Super Moon, the Moon is closest to the Earth, as a result of which, the moon looks seven percent bigger, and 15 percent brighter. The Moon also glows like a red ball because of the sunlight scattered and refracted around Earth.

According to NASA, the total lunar eclipse should last about 62 minutes. The eclipse is first expected to be visible in parts of North, South and Central America, as well as some parts of Western Europe. People in North America will be able to see the eclipse from 11:41PM ET on January 20. While people in India will not be able to see it in real, they can still watch it through live video which starts 10:41AM on January 21 (Monday). It is expected to end at 11:13AM IST.

While there is no official live stream from NASA. The folks over are running a live stream, which can found above in this article as well.

  • Published Date: January 21, 2019 9:32 AM IST