‘Tell me something good’ will make Google Assistant bring you positive news

Google is looking to brighten the day for people around the world with this new feature.

  • Published: August 22, 2018 4:22 PM IST
Google hope

News is what shapes our outlook of the world, and being in a world that has a lot of disturbing news at the moment, constantly consuming that grows negative thoughts. Google is one of the primary sources of news in the world right now, and it understands the importance of balancing out the positive news with the negative ones.

And to this effect Google has come up with a new initiative where it will provide positive and good news for people when they ask their Assistant ‘Tell me something good’. This will trigger Google Assistant to share a curated positive news which Google believes will decrease the gap between your hopes and you. Google will be curating news of ‘people who are solving problems for our communities and our world’.

“This is good news like how Georgia State University coupled empathy with data to double its graduation rate and eliminate achievement gaps between white and black students, how backyard beekeepers in East Detroit are bringing back the dwindling bee population while boosting the local economy, and how Iceland curbed teen drinking with nightly curfews and coupons for kids to enroll in extracurricular activities.”

These stories will be curated and summarized from multiple sources by the Solutions Journalism network. Google describes Solutions Journalism network as, “A nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to spreading the practice of solutions journalism, which highlights how problems are solvable and that doing better is possible. Solutions journalism empowers and energizes audiences, helping to combat negative news fatigue. It’s an important part of a balanced news diet, so we’re exploring how to incorporate more solutions journalism wherever you access Google News.”

  • Published Date: August 22, 2018 4:22 PM IST