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The intricate art of selfies: Because this isn’t for amateurs or the faint hearted

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Don’t fall for the widespread criticism you hear around selfies. We live in a world that is secretly, yet proudly obsessed with the idea. It’s undoubtedly a universal flirtation, that everyone wants to experience, but few want to boast about. But then, considering it’s now turning mainstream, you’d probably not want to feel left out. Here’s how you could put your best face forward.

Gear up

Well, of course you’ve been part of voluntary or involuntary break into group selfies. And despite those numerous invitations, if you’ve still not learnt ‘how to take a selfie’ then look no further. Pay close attention. Because this art takes way too much precision and tact. And it’s definitely not meant for amateurs. The first way to gear up for the perfect selfie is to learn to chin up. When no one’s watching, deep within the confidence of your private space, practice the art of chining up. The tilt of your head, the inclination of your chin, the curve of your lips. They all play an important role in creating a work of art so important, it could decide your social quotient and the scope of your overall social appeal.

Be mindful of the lights

We all know the importane of good lighting when it comes to photography. At a different scale, it’s crucial for selfies as well. Knowing that isn’t enough. You’d need to involve hacks such as using tissues for white balance, hunting for the best window around to let in that perfect balance of light to illuminate your face. If you’re taking a selfie, nothing less than Aphrodite would do.

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Careful of the angles and the curves

Oh you thought you’d say goodbye to math after school? It’s outright impossible to take a perfect selfie until you apply a little geometry to it. Firstly, your chin’s got to make an acute angle with your neck, which cannot be anything less or more than 45 degrees. 44 degrees or 46, and you’ll end up looking like a potato. Also, don’t forget the distance of your phone to your face. Has to be 23.29 cm.

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And for some pro tips, please, do not use flash for a selfie. That’s what oldies do. Because you’d take that picture, and we’d have to see it, and we really don’t want to look at Valak (flashback to Conjuring 2). Also, please crop that shot, no one wants to look at your dirty laundry in the background. “You want to blow out everything that you don’t want to see and highlight the things you want,” the selfie queen Kim Kardashian once said.

Now we move on to the golden rule of selfies – Werk that duckface! Girl or guy, you’ve got to understand the importance of a pout and duckface when you click a selfie. You can’t just smile like creep into the camera, you’ve got to work those lips. But make sure, when you pout, the tip of both your lips are exactly 1.4mm apart, no more no less.

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So, you get it? Unless you keep all of these things in mind while clicking a selfie, you can never successfully click a good one. Therefore, keep your geometry tools handy, take a deep breath, stop slouching, and click that motherselfie!

  • Published Date: May 28, 2017 9:00 AM IST
  • Updated Date: May 28, 2017 12:32 PM IST