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There’s a Fortnite clone called FortCraft for Android smartphones

NetEase is taking on Epic Games, big time.

  • Published: March 14, 2018 10:05 AM IST

With the popularity of Fortnite, there were bound to be some copies out there. And none have been so brazen about it like NetEase with its latest release called FortCraft.

NetEase has a few battle royale games on mobile platforms, but none of those are as blatant as FortCraft, though Rules of Survival also came close to imitating PlayerUnknwon’s BattlegroundsFortCraft beta comes at a time when Fortnite started its iOS beta program. And this could be an attempt by NetEase to grab a chunk of the mobile playerbase for itself.

FortCraft seems to have lifted the unique selling point of Fortnite, which is the building system. While 99 players are roaming about looking to kill each other, they can collect the same materials as in Fortnite with their hammer and build walls and ramps using them. And NetEase didn’t just stop with the building system, it also seems to have taken inspiration from Fortnite for the loot drops, weapons, shield potions, bandages, ammo and even the whole art style of the game.

In case you are an Android user and feel neglected by Epic Games who just launched the Fortnite mobile beta on iOS, FortCraft would be the way to go for now. NetEase wants to capture the Android audience and has a beta program for them. Netease says that Ranked Seasons, Friends, Streams, Looks, Store, Gallery, and Chat functions will all be available at launch. Fortcraft currently has three different modes available with customizable interface.

NetEase has made it pretty evident that it is here to cater to the crowd that Epic Games is not. It announced, “The game will run on many older smartphones to be as inclusive as possible.”, whereas Epic Games has said that Fortnite mobile will only work on iPhone 6S and later.

  • Published Date: March 14, 2018 10:05 AM IST