Till death do us part: Man marries his beloved iPhone

Aaron Chervenak of Los Angeles married his smartphone in a Chapel in Las Vegas.


How many times has the question been brought up that ‘smartphones are killing relationships’ or that ‘people nowadays are in a relationship with their smartphones’? However, a man has just shut people up by showing his eternal love for his iPhone by marrying it. Yes, you read that right, he married his iPhone.

Aaron Chervenak of Los Angeles proved his undying love for his iPhone as the two (him and the iPhone of course) tied the knot at Las Vegas’ Little Las Vegas Chapel in a ceremony. Chervenak believes that his iPhone has been with him through the tough times and the good times, it has given him solace, it has calmed him down, it has put him to sleep, it has woken him up, and that’s what he truly believes a relationship is. He says, if we are honest with ourselves we connect with our smartphones with so many emotional levels that we do not even realize.

With making such a statement, Chervenak attempts to put across the point that in our lives today the kind of relationship we share with our smartphones, we do not with anybody or anything else anymore. It reflects on the increasing popularity of smartphones in our lives right now.

However, according to KTNV, the marriage is not legally recognized by the State of Nevada.

To follow the tracks of bizarre tech obsession, we dug open older files and remembered the recent instances of the two men in China who tried to sell off their kidney in order to raise money for an iPhone 6s. Back in 2011 as well, a 17-year-old from China sold his kidney for 22,000 Yuan, or about Rs 2,23,000, just so he could purchase an iPad 2.

Another horrific obsession story is of a couple who sold off their 18-year-old daughter to buy an Apple iPhone.

These bizarre stories are innumerable, but what’s important to learn from these is how the smartphone’s role in our lives has traveled from being an accessory, to something we ‘need’, and now turning into an obsession.

  • Published Date: June 29, 2016 6:30 PM IST
  • Updated Date: June 29, 2016 6:35 PM IST