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Tinder reveals the most 'right-swiped' jobs in India

Tinder's new data suggests adding profession can earn you that coveted right swipe on the platform.

  • Published: September 6, 2018 9:09 AM IST

Tinder’s biggest contribution to humanity beyond a dating platform is the idea of right swiping to like someone or something. Now, the dating platform, owned by Match Group has revealed the most attractive jobs based on right swipe. A new data set shared by the company reveals that adding your job and professional pursuits to your profile can earn you right swipes on the platform.

If you ever wondered how important is your job then Tinder‘s report will reveal that is a lot important to get those coveted right swipes. The list of the most “right-swiped” jobs in India reveals that men prefer a female in engineering profession while women prefer a male counterpart working as a pilot. The second most right-swiped job for men is actor while that for female is accountant.

The top five list of most right swiped jobs for men include pilot, actor, entrepreneur, marketing manager and creative writer. For women, the top five most right swiped jobs are engineer, accountant, doctor, interior designer and dentist. The list shows that both men and women prefer partners in the creative jobs and it also reflects the changing paradigm where men are liking women in fields that are generally stereotyped as ‘male’ careers.

“People often feel it’s easier to communicate with someone who understands their career sensibilities and constraints, and is most often a starting point for shared meaning narratives, which contribute towards eventual healthy relationships. Realistically, your choice of job also reflects passion and ambition – two factors that can be very appealing when choosing a potential partner,” said Sonali Gupta, Clinical psychologist.

“Men in creative professions may be considered more sensitive and communicative, and this could contribute to why women are swiping right. Men seem to be attracted to women who hold positions of authority and responsibility, which in turn reflects greater independence. This can be game changing and can contribute further to breaking gender hierarchies,” she added.

Here is the full list of 10 most right swiped jobs in India:


1. Pilot
2. Actor
3. Entrepreneur
4. Marketing Manager
5. Creative Writer
6. Architect
7. Research Analyst
8. Teacher
9. Business Consultant
10. Photographer


1. Engineer
2. Accountant
3. Doctor
4. Interior Designer
5. Dentist
6. Data Analyst
7. Marketing Manager
8. Artist
9. Teacher
10. Psychologist

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In case you haven’t already updated your profile to reflect your profession then this data from the platform will make you rethink. Tinder, despite competition, has been the most preferred dating platform online and with Facebook set to launch its own dating platform, it will be interesting to see how these two services battle in this space.

  • Published Date: September 6, 2018 9:09 AM IST