Toreto BoomBox review: Bluetooth speakers gone Hipster

Find out if the Toreto BoomBox portable Bluetooth speaker deserves your money or not.

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In these times, there is no dearth of portable speakers to fall back on in order to fill in the craving for good music. Most of us want to listen to our favorite tracks on the go. We know headphones exist, and you can always wear them like they say – music in, world out. However, owing to the recent surge in demands for portable speakers, you rarely come across a good one. Such a portable speaker system is the Toreto BoomBox or the TBS-315.

The Toreto BoomBox is yet another Bluetooth portable speaker system by India-based Toreto. The company has gained eyeballs in recently with its range of products. I have been using the Toreto BoomBox for a while now, so let’s find out if it managed to make an impact. In my review today, we find out if the Toreto BoomBox is really the kind of speaker you want, and if the price is really worth it.

Toreto BoomBox Design

Starting with the most interesting part, the BoomBox is unlike its name and not really designed as a box. The portable speaker system comes in a cylindrical design with speakers on both ends and a sub-woofer in the center. The body is wrapped in stitched tan faux leather that gives it a premium look and feel. It has a faux-leather strap going from one end to another making it easy to carry and roam around with. We would understand if you find the Toreto BoomBox more like a saddle bag at first sight and that is what makes it so hipster.

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Toreto BoomBox Features and Specifications

The Bluetooth speaker also has lights emitting on one end with control buttons and ports positioned above it. The light ring on one end fades in and out continuously according to the music being played and is primarily synced to the bass frequencies. But don’t expect it to glow as per the rhythm accurately when at a low volume level. The light and sound amalgamation here makes for a good show, occasionally. Talking about the controls you get a total of five buttons – power in the center, previous track, next track, play/pause, and mode. You can long-press the previous track and next track buttons to control volume on the speaker, whereas the mode button lets you switch between Bluetooth, auxiliary, SD card, and FM modes. Alongside, you get a micro-USB port for charging, a microSD card slot to play directly from the card, and a 3.5mm audio-in socket. ALSO READ: Toreto Aqua TBS 325 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Waterproof and impressive sound

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For the acoustics, the Toreto BoomBox has a total of 3 drivers installed and connects to any Bluetooth source up to 10 meters. During my review, I played music from all the options available but used Bluetooth playback extensively. The speaker didn’t show any sort of lag or occasional jump during playback. The sound output delivered on Bluetooth is very similar to what you will get when wired in AUX mode. It houses a 1800mAh battery rated to deliver up to five to six hours of music playback with a charging time of three to four hours. While I reviewed the Toreto BoomBox, I charged the speakers for around two to three hours and was able to finish two movies and listen to continuous music for around three hours. That is a lot of playback time which you get from a 4-inch powerhouse speaker.

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Toreto BoomBox Sound

The Toreto BoomBox speaker unarguably delivers good sound quality. However, there are few cons. I notice the speakers could occasionally be a bit jittery when playing music at full volumes. This certainly depends on the genre you play. For example, a song like Bulleya by Papon or Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen did not show any such signs. On the other hand, when I played songs like Despacito by Lui Fonsi or Starboy by The Weeknd, I had to turn the volume a bit low to get optimum playback. You will only notice the treble going a bit haywire when you are in a room alone. In a party or outdoors, it would not draw your attention. The pitch remains decent on the speakers and overall give you an immersive experience. ALSO READ: Sony MHC-V50D Home Audio System Review: The big boom pow!

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At a price tag of Rs 5,499, the Toreto BoomBox has a lot to offer in terms of both aesthetics and acoustics. The hipster design will certainly gain eyeballs while the music will draw ears. With the jittery part on one side, the speakers offer a good amount of music playback and keeping up with the on-the-go part, you can carry the speaker around with you without feeling its weight. The Toreto BoomBox is a good buy for listeners with a bit of hipster in them and it will not disappoint you, to say the least. You can buy the speaker from company’s official website and other online retailers. Also, if you go out hunting for deals, you could get the Toreto BoomBox at a bit less than its listed price.

  • Published Date: September 19, 2017 10:57 AM IST
  • Updated Date: September 19, 2017 11:06 AM IST