Twitter announces new developer requirements to prevent misinformation on its platform

Twitter has announced that it is making mandatory for all developers to register with the platform.

  • Published: July 25, 2018 6:15 PM IST

Twitter has been rampantly taking down accounts that spread misinformation or bots being used to spread false information on the platform. Today, Twitter has announced new developments that further bolster its efforts against malicious actors and those who invade user privacy.

Twitter recently announced that it removed more than 1,43,000 apps from the platform between April and June. In order to stop the malicious actors, the micro-blogging platform has announced a new way for all developers to request access to Twitter’s APIs. This is part of changes it plans to increase accountability for apps creating and engaging with content and accounts on Twitter at high volumes.

Twitter says these changes will help it to have more visibility and control over how developers use the platform and use public data available on the service. As part of the new change, Twitter says all new requests for access to Twitter’s standard and premium APIs will be required to go through a process which evaluates use case, policy, compliance and prevents registration of spammy and low-quality apps.

These new changes will mean that developers will need to go through few more steps and additional time before getting access to Twitter’s APIs but it will also ensure that bad actors do not enter the ecosystem. Twitter says anyone who wants access to Twitter APIs will need to register as a developer with the platform. Once approved, developers will be able to create new apps and manage existing ones via a dedicated dashboard.

Twitter is also making it mandatory for all developers with existing access to APIs to complete a developer account application in order to maintain their applications. “We will provide at least a 90-day notice before enforcing this requirement,” the company said in a press note. Twitter is also limiting the default number of apps registered by a single developer account to 10.

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It is also adding new rate limits for POST endpoints as well as a new process for developers to obtain high volume posting privileges. Twitter is also introducing a new option for people to report suspected violations of the platform policies for its review. Twitter is not the only one making such major changes and it can be seen as a response to continued scrutiny towards social media platforms after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.

  • Published Date: July 25, 2018 6:15 PM IST