Twitter launches Bookmarks to let you save tweets privately

The feature is rolling out globally on iOS and Android app, Twitter Lite app, and on its mobile website.

  • Published: March 1, 2018 6:00 PM IST

After testing it for months, Twitter has rolled out the Bookmark feature, that will allow users to save tweets for later. Interestingly, #SaveForLater, was also a HackWeek project, which the company ran to understand more about the needs of users associated with the feature. Twitter is currently rolling out Bookmark globally across the app on iOS and Android, on Twitter Lite, and the Twitter mobile website.

A desire to save content for later is something users have asked for a long time, specially because of how much news circulates across Twitter, often including links to longer articles you don’t have time to read in the moment, and an increased desire for privacy around their saves. Users don’t always want to Favourite a tweet, which could be subject to the content of the tweet or any other reason. Also people like a lot of posts, and there is only a handful out of them that you actually want to go back to. So favoriting was not ideal for the purpose.

Until today, if people wanted to save a tweet to refer in future, they either had to bookmark it by liking it, DM it to themselves or retweet. There was really no way to separate the tweets that you want to read later.

However, with the new Bookmarks feature, users will be able to put aside content they want to read later by bookmarking them, which will save those tweets privately.

In order to use the feature, you will need to click on the new “share” icon that’s found to the right of the Favorite (heart) button. From there, you’ll have the option to share the tweet in a variety of ways – including by bookmarking it, DM’ing it, or via other methods – as had been previously available through the top-right drop-down menu.

And to view the tweet you saved, you will need to tap your Profile icon to reveal the menu where the Bookmarks list will be found alongside other options like Twitter Lists and Moments.

  • Published Date: March 1, 2018 6:00 PM IST