Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and InfoWars

The controversial radio host and right-wing conspiracy theorist has already been banned by other major online platforms.

  • Published: September 7, 2018 12:57 PM IST

Image Credit: InfoWars

Twitter has permanently banned right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars website for violating the microblogging platform’s abusive behaviour policies. The ban comes just days after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. to address claims of online interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election, as well as allegations of political bias and conservative censorship on Twitter.

The company announced the action through a series of tweets.

It’s worth mentioning that recently, reports had surfaced claiming that Dorsey was personally weighing in on high-profile decisions to ban problematic accounts.

Interestingly, Alex Jones was in attendance for the Twitter CEO’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Jones had clashed with a CNN reporter at the time, live-streaming the altercation on Twitter-owned Periscope. This could’ve been the reason behind Twitter banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from their platform, a report by CNBC noted.

The ban comes a month after many other technology companies, including Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube banned the controversial radio host for spreading hate speech.

During his recent appearance before a Senate Intelligence Committee, Jack Dorsey said that Twitter was ‘unprepared and ill-equipped for the campaigns of manipulation that had affected social media in the past few years.

“We found ourselves unprepared and ill-equipped for the immensity of the problems we’ve acknowledged,” Dorsey said.

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He added, “We’ve learned from 2016 and more recently from other nation’s elections how to help protect the integrity of our elections.”

The hearing also included Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who also repeated the social networking platform’s earlier acknowledgements about failing to crack down on influence campaigns originating from Russia.

  • Published Date: September 7, 2018 12:57 PM IST