Twitter wants to allow everyone to get the blue tick of verification

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants users to be responsible for their own identity.

  • Published: March 9, 2018 4:26 PM IST

The blue tick mark is considered a sign of verified, authentic accounts on Twitter. However, users tend to consider the badge as a means of a credible source of information, which may or may not hold true every time. In a bid to change this, Twitter is reportedly looking at allowing everyone to earn the verified tag.

In a Periscope livestream, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that the company intends to open up the verification process to all accounts. The idea is to do it in a way that is scalable where Twitter is not the one to judge credibility and users can verify more facts about themselves.

Currently, anyone who wants to get the verified badge, is required to put in a request to Twitter along with filling out necessary details in the request form such as the verified phone number and make a case as to why you should get the blue tick.

While Dorsey did not elaborate on how the verification process will work, it can be assumed that similar to other social networking services, the solution could include furnishing government ID, linking Google or Facebook accounts, giving reference website links and so on.

From what started as a means of identifying large public figures or celebrities, the blue tick became an on-request feature for many who now consider it as a status symbol on the digital platform. And this is where Twitter sees the main problem. Users often tend to consider a verified account as a credible source of information. David Gasca, Twitter’s director of product, is quoted as saying in The Next Web report, “The main problem is, we use [the badge] to mean identity,” says David Gasca, Twitter’s director of product. “But in user research … users think of it as credibility, [that] Twitter stands behind this person and what they’re saying is great and authentic, which is not what we meant.”

As more users earned the blue tick, including journalists and other high-profile figures, Twitter started facing the heat and was being presumed as a political force, responsible for de-verifying users it didn’t agree with. By allowing everyone to decide for themselves, Twitter will put itself on the sidelines of the debate and make users responsible for their own identity.

  • Published Date: March 9, 2018 4:26 PM IST