Uber introduces a number of new tools to help pickups including messages, and spotlight

These new features in the Uber app include ‘Spotlight’, ‘Pickup messages’, and ‘On-time scheduled pickups’.

  • Published: July 17, 2018 8:51 PM IST

Image credit: Uber

Ride-hailing service Uber has announced the rollout of a number of new features to its mobile apps to make pickups easier for both the driver as well as the rider. These features include ‘Spotlight’, ‘Pickup messages’, and ‘On-time scheduled pickups’. As part of the first feature, the app will assign users a particular color and inform the driver about which color to look for. Once the color is assigned, the screen of the smartphone of the user is lit-up with that color and then they can hold their phone in the air in crowded areas or at night time.

This makes it simple as the driver only has to spot that particular color instead of guessing about who their assigned rider is. The second feature allows the riders, or the users to provide drivers with “little extra details” before the driver reaches the pickup point. The information could include something as easy as telling them what color clothes the user is wearing or to inform the driver to wait at a particular spot. This is fundamentally different from calls as users can give instructions that drivers can simply glance at, without moving their attention off the road. The company also pointed out that the pickup messages are read aloud in the car and the drivers can “simply tap to respond” to the messages.

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It is also likely to be much cheaper in comparison to the calling facility that most users depend on to communicate with the drivers. The third and the last feature that Uber added in the app is the “On-time scheduled pickups” where the company is guaranteeing that users who have pre-booked their cab for future with the help of “Scheduled Ride”, will get the cab as per the schedule.

Uber claims that it will now “grantee” that the ride will come in the time period that the user has selected. Otherwise, the company will provide users with credits that they can use in their next Uber cab ride. As pointed in the blog post, these new features going the existing features including the ability to edit the pickup point, and to share the live location of the rider with the driver so that they can easily meet.

  • Published Date: July 17, 2018 8:51 PM IST