Uber is launching ‘Safety Toolkit’ for riders; brings emergency button, and a safety center

Uber safety toolkit is meant to improve both the awareness about safety features as well usage of these tools.

  • Updated: August 2, 2018 2:28 PM IST
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Image credit: Uber

Uber India has just announced the launch of “Safety Toolkit” as part of its quest to ensure the safety of its riders. This new addition to the app brings a comprehensive and consolidated set of features focused to increase the safety and security of the riders. Uber added that these features are rolling out to Indian users months after they were rolled out in the United States of America. There features both build on the existing safety features as well as introduce new features. Safety toolkit is meant to improve both the awareness about safety features as well usage of these tools.

The company previously launched the toolkit in the United States back in May. As part of the toolkit, Uber is introducing Safety Center where users can find tips about safety provided through a partnership with law enforcement. The company has teamed up with Delhi and Kolkata Police to prevent any “untoward incidents” against its users. It also provides users with information about the screening process of how Uber checks the background of its drivers, community guidelines, and insurance protection. This also serves as a central place for users to access all the information related to safety including all the safety-related features. Users will be able to access this through a button on screen right from the moment the trip starts to the end of the trip.

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Trusted Contacts is the second feature that is part of the Safety toolkit. According to the announcement, this will allow Uber users to share the status of their trip with the family and/or friends that they trust. Users can set up to five loved ones who can check up on them and who can prompt the riders to share the status of their trips.

Users can change the settings to share all their trips, or share the trips only taken at night time, or not share at trip at all with their trusted contacts. It makes it easier for users to inform their loved ones that they are taking a trip giving them peace of mind. The third feature is the emergency button which was already present in the Uber app in India. However, the company has changed the placement of this button to put it under the shield button. Shield button is now used to access the safety toolkit and one can access the emergency button inside that section.

Image credit: Uber

The company added that this will help its riders avoid drunk driving while interlinking these features with the safety apps provided by local authorities such as SafetiPin where available. Uber also pointed out that its safety team will be available to take the feedback and response for this new feature.

Sachin Kansal, the Director of Product Management at Uber issued a statement, “At Uber, safety is a top priority and we look towards harnessing technology to solve for rider and driver safety concerns in more innovative ways. The roll-out of Safety Toolkit to millions of riders across India is an extension of this commitment to the community that we serve.”

  • Published Date: August 2, 2018 12:50 PM IST
  • Updated Date: August 2, 2018 2:28 PM IST