Uber launches UberWeddings service in 12 Indian cities; here’s how it works

To cater to all wedding-related travels, Uber has launched UberWeddings in India. The service was already available in a few cities abroad, and starting today will go live in 12 cities in India as well.


Wedding seasons are undoubtedly one of the best times, there is celebration and parties and so much fun. However, if you have ever been a part of a wedding, if you have actually worked in organizing a wedding, you’d know how much of headache and chaos comes with all that fun. And the the biggest headache always is to drive people around, get them to the venue. However, just at the right time, and for just the right people, Uber has introduces a new service called UberWeddings. The service went live in New Delhi on November 13th, and starting today it will be available in 11 other cities in india, which include, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Pune, Udaipur and Lucknow.

The service will cater for all wedding related travel needs, for which the company has partnered with WedMeGood, a wedding planning website, where it will go live with various wedding-themed on-demands available across 12-cities, for instance bachelor or bachelorette parties, dinners and other wedding-related celebrations.

“Weddings in India are typically an elaborate affair, often spanning month long planning and week long celebrations involving family and friends. While we all enjoy the fun and celebration, they also bring in the logistical challenge of a coordination and managing the commuting needs. UberWeddings provides an easy way for hosts to ensure that all wedding-related travel in the city is managed through cashless pre-generated promo codes. So whether it is about hopping between markets, finding the perfect outfit, or getting guests to the venue, Uber will make it happen in a pre decided budget, at a push of a button. All our users need to focus on is the wedding.” Prabhjeet Singh, General Manager Delhi & NCR, Uber India said. ALSO READ: Ola Credit to Airtel’s data loan: How companies are moving customers towards cashless economy

Prior to the wedding, hosts can buy a specific number of Uber rides of set denominations (promo code based) on a specifically dedicated page on the wedding planning website. They can then, share them with their guests as an extension to their invitations or give them to their family members to ride for free during preparation. This will enable the host to keep a track of their travel expenses without worrying about coordinating pick-ups and drops, parking, waiting charges. The promo codes can also be customized with host’s name or their wedding hashtag which will be printed by Uber and made available within 3 working days of the purchase request.

In detail, Uber is offering several packages for users according to their needs. There is a package with ‘Free rides for wedding preparations’, under which users can buy Promo Codes for their family. This is also a very convenient for to keep track of all the travel expenses. Then, Uber has ‘Free rides for guests’ package, in which, you can buy promo codes, and share them with your guests, so they can travel around for free. And finally, adding a little drama to the wedding, Uber has customizable promo codes, where you can make the codes in your name or use a wedding hashtag, to pump up the game a little. ALSO READ: Uber to force pooling, expensive UberX upon users on Thursdays now

Although, this service is already available in Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles, in a country like India, this service is particularly pertinent. Other than UberWedding, the cab aggregator has been rolling out quite a few services that focus on the demands of Indian cab riders.

For instance, recently, cashing on the increasing levels of pollution in the country, especiallu Delhi NCR, Uber began a campaign called #SwitchToPool, under which it started ‘Pool Thursdays’, encouraging more riders to use Pool by making that the default option on the app, during the rush hours. However, there’s a catch to the entire campaign. During the rush hours on Thursdays, Uber will turn off the UberGO ride option, which means users who’d want to still go for a cab to themselves will have to opt for the more expensive, UberX.

  • Published Date: November 21, 2016 2:45 PM IST