UberEats app updated with ratings, recommendations and favorites features

Uber is taking on Zomato, Swiggy with these features.

ubereats india launch

From cab rides to food delivery, Uber has come a long way. In May this year, Uber launched its UberEats service in India, which as the name pretty much makes it clear, helps you to quickly order and have food delivered by an Uber driver to wherever you are, from various restaurant partners. While the service hasn’t picked up as much pace in India as Uber probably hoped for, but the company looks adamant on making the service better still. Today, Uber has rolled out three new features for the service, that essentially make ordering on UberEats easier.

Ratings and Review

Majority of the times, making a decision about the restaurant you want to eat from is based on the ratings you see next to it. Until now, with UberEats, though at the end of the service you were always asked for a rating, but you were never shown one when you looked up restaurants and deliveries. However, starting today, not only will Uber show you the average ratings these restaurant partners have, it will now also allow you to rate dishes individually.




Personalization is another key to an easy dinner decision. While Uber already shows a personalized feed of recommended restaurants, with today’s update, UberEats will also be displaying dish recommendations tailored to your taste.


These recommendations will be based on how you use the app. For instance, if you often order Italian food for dinner, at around that time, Uber will recommend the Italian dish you order the most at around dinner time, in your suggestions. ALSO READ: Zomato Gold to launch in India soon, early sign-ups begin



Now, while the ratings and recommendation come from Uber’s end, the third is a more user-oriented feature. UberEats will now allow users to favorite a restaurant they like, to make it easy for you to find your go-to-options. Which means, the restaurant you favorite, will stay at the top of your feed. ALSO READ: UberACCESS and UberASSIST debut for differently abled riders in Bengaluru

  • Published Date: November 9, 2017 6:37 PM IST