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Undersea cable faults reportedly affect Internet connectivity across India

So the twitter app on iphone is not working. Any one else facing this issue on airtel network ?


If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet on Airtel, Reliance, Tata or any other leading networks, it’s not just you. Multiple undersea cable faults connecting to Mumbai landing station have reportedly affected Internet services throughout the nation. While the telecom networks are yet to officially acknowledge the issue, it is being learnt that the connectivity issues will not be resolved until the end of this month. Irritated users have taken it to social networks to express their anger.

First reported by Indian Express, TGN-Intra Asia Cable System, a private Intra-Asia submarine telecommunications cable system transiting the Pacific ocean that connects all the major Internet service providers in India, and India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE), a 13,000-kilometre (8,100 miles) submarine communications cable system between India and France are facing multiple issues.

As per network services provider, there are a couple of cable faults in regions surrounding Mumbai. The faulty ends include the lines approximately 110 km from Mumbai cable station. Additionally, Jeddah Zafrana segment traffic is also affected due to this. Cables connecting India-Middle East-Western Europe system — which is about 78 km from Mumbai-Tata station and 36 km from Repeater-1 toward Repeater-2 is also affected, the report said.

The report adds that a cable ship, which is supposed to patch up the problem will do the repairing work on February 26. “There is a cable outage nearly every day, but since we are impacted by multiple cuts on both TGN and IMEWE this means traffic is down and can’t move out,” explains Gagandeep Sapra of System3 to IndianExpress.

This isn’t the first-time internet connectivity throughout the country has been affected by cable faults. In fact, it is pretty common and in the past has affected select services as well. Last July, Yahoo users were facing trouble connecting to the service due to a damaged undersea cable.

In 2013, BSNL announced that its Internet capacity had dropped by 21 percent due to multiple fibre cuts in three undersea cable systems connecting India with many parts of the world. At that time, Sea-Me-We-4, IMEWE and EIG cable systems were the ones affected.

But 2008 was the year when we saw the biggest Internet outage in India and many other parts of the world. The disruption saw three major damages to submarine optical communicable cable lines around the world. One of the incidents saw five high-speed cable lines in the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East slump, which affected many users in the Middle East and India.


  • Published Date: February 20, 2015 12:30 AM IST
  • Updated Date: February 20, 2015 12:36 AM IST