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US President Donald Trump states Google, Facebook and Amazon to be in an antitrust situation

Donald Trump believes that the tech giants are biased against the conservative ideology.

  • Published: August 31, 2018 6:06 PM IST
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In a recent interview held on Thursday, USA President Donald Trump stated tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon to be in a “very antitrust situation”. However, the President did not comment further on whether he believes if these companies should be broken up, pertaining to the matter.

In an Oval office interview with Bloomberg, Donald Trump said, “I won’t comment on the breaking up, of whether it’s that or Amazon or Facebook,” further adding “As you know, many people think it is a very antitrust situation, the three of them. But I just, I won’t comment on that.”

This is the third day in a row that the US President has repeatedly accused the three companies of being biased against conservatives. He believes that their actions are aimed at belittling Conservative speech. His attack started on Tuesday, when Trump tweeted, “This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!” referring to his belief about Google’s new search being more in favor of the liberal community. Trump was later reported to add that Google, Facebook and Twitter , “are treading on very, very troubled territory.”

The assault continued Wednesday when Trump further tweeted a “#StopTheBias,” hashtag and posted a video, where he accused Google to promote former President Barack Obama’s State of Union addresses on its homepage but failed to do the same for his.

While Facebook and Amazon are yet to respond to these accusations, Google said in a statement that it did in fact promote Trump’s 2018 address but did not post a tout to either his or Obama’s speeches to Congress after they were first elected. Further the company defended its news searches saying that it is designed to give users relevant stories and does not favor any political agenda.

Not just Trump, similar accusations of being biased were also raised by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. The conservative politician has asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons to re-examine Google’s conduct in search and digital advertising practices.

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Bloomberg reported that Google, Facebook and Twitter will be facing more questions regarding this issue and many others at a hearing that is being held on September 5 regarding Russian election meddling.

  • Published Date: August 31, 2018 6:06 PM IST