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Google Duo: Here's how you can get up to Rs 9,000 in rewards

To redeem the earned cash reward(s), you must have a UPI-enabled savings bank account linked to Google Pay.

  • Published: November 12, 2018 1:10 PM IST

Image Credit: Google

Of the countless apps that are available on Android, perhaps the most popular are those that come directly from Google. Apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube are used by just about every Android user on a near-daily basis. However, there are also some Google apps (and by extension, services) that aren’t exactly that popular, an example being Duo.

Google Duo was launched over two years ago and soon after, replaced Hangouts in the suite of Google apps that OEMs are required to install on all Android smartphones. However, despite this push and Google making continual improvements to the app, Duo hasn’t gained the traction that Google hoped it would.

Google however isn’t ready to give up yet. In an effort to encourage more people to use Duo, Google has announced rewards program in India. This comes just months after a similar program was rolled out in the Philippines.

The process is simple. If you’re already a Google Duo user, you can invite other users to join Duo via a unique invite link. If a user signs up for the service (with a phone number that has never been used for Duo) using your invite link, both of you will get a cash reward.

To get started, launch Google Duo, and head over to Invite friends -> Share invite link. It’s worth mentioning that the option will only be visible if you’re eligible for the rewards program. Next up, choose a contact in your contact list, and tap the ‘Send’ option. In case the other person is not in your contact list, you can go to Share Link -> Send to forward the unique link.

Google Duo will notify you when you earn a reward. To redeem it, your Google account must be connected to Duo. The reward money (disbursed as a digital scratch card worth Rs 1,000) will be deposited into your bank account. For the same, you must have a UPI-enabled savings account linked with Google Pay service.

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As per Google’s terms and conditions, an individual can earn up to Rs 9,000 in cash rewards in a financial year (April 1 – March 31). Also, the offer is available to everyone in India, except for the residents of state of Tamil Nadu.

  • Published Date: November 12, 2018 1:10 PM IST