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WannaCry: Ransomware strikes Delhi, 200 computers affected

A publishing firm in Delhi has been hit by the ransomware program, where hackers are demanding between $800 to $1000 in Bitcoin to return access.


In May this year, WannaCry ransomware spread like wildfire, affecting thousands of system across the world. The ransomware program locks a user out of their computer and demands a ransom paid in BitCoin to return control. While it affected a considerable amount of systems across the globe, immediate surveillance and system updates were able to reduce the attacks dramatically. However, it still couldn’t be contained entirely. India was also among the countries affected by the ransomware program, but it was limited to just a handful of reports from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and West Bengal. But now, the attack has made its way to the country’s capital!

According to a report by Indian Express, over 200 computers have been affected at Rachna Sagar Private Limited, a publishing firm in Delhi. It was on August 9 that the attack was first reported, when the company’s staff found that they were unable to log into their user accounts, and could only use the “demo” account. Hackers posted a message demanding a ransom between $800 to $1000 in bitcoin.

Employees at the company reportedly used an accounting software called “Busy”. Each employee has two accounts for accounting transactions – one is a live account, while the other works in demo mode. After the hack, employees could only access the demo mode. Users have to gain access to the live mode to conduct business, which they have been locked out of by the hackers. Police sources said it is difficult to track the hackers as they hacked into the computer systems using a proxy network. ALSO READ: Hacker who helped stop WannaCry arrested for allegedly selling banking malware

The complaint by the company’s general manager states, “This morning, when we started our work and opened Busy software, we received a text message which said our files are encrypted. The message said we have to pay money to enable decryption of our files (sic).” ALSO READ: Petya ransomware follows WannaCry’s footsteps; here’s what the experts have to say

“The hackers have locked out their data since April. Employees have not been able to conduct any business since the day of the cyber attack. Their billing process has been delayed and they are even scared to use netbanking as they fear online payment systems may be compromised,” Indian Express reported a source privy to the investigation as saying. ALSO READ: LeakerLocker ransomware: Hackers threaten to expose your browser history, messages and more

  • Published Date: August 17, 2017 9:20 AM IST