Watch an old iPhone 6s get a speed bump after a battery replacement

iOS 11.3 may still be a way off but if you need to fix your iPhone performance issues, a battery replacement may be your ticket

  • Published: March 8, 2018 10:56 AM IST

There is a video doing the rounds on the internet right now which shows how an old Apple iPhone 6s outperforms itself after a simple battery replacement.

This may be news to people who have not heard about the big revelation from Apple and the lawsuits that followed last year. Apple was forced to admit that they throttle the performance on iPhones as they get older in order to keep a consistent battery performance.

Apple said they will be introducing a button to toggle the performance fix in their iOS 11.3 update which is due in about a month. Until then, the official fix for the issue was to get the battery pack on the affected devices changed.

The video by Bennett Sorbo shows how just changing the battery on his iPhone 6s made it quicker. On the left side we see the phone with the original battery while the one on the right has a new one. He launches a series of apps on both the phones to show how quickly they boot up.

Within 30 seconds we notice that the iPhone 6s with the original battery lagging behind by almost 6 seconds. And the picture isn’t pretty as the video progresses. It is reminiscent of an older Android phone that is wading through the mass of apps with difficulty.

Towards the end of the testing, there’s a difference of over a minute and the iPhone with the replaced battery feels like a new device. Battery replacement charges for iPhones in India are close to Rs 2600 which is way cheaper than getting a new handset.

So if you are experiencing heavy lags and unexpected shutdowns of the phone and can’t wait for the next update. A battery replacement could be the way to go. Here’s the video comparing the performance enhancement after the battery replacement.

  • Published Date: March 8, 2018 10:56 AM IST