Watch the Apple iPhone XR put through stress, burn and durability tests

The iPhone XR went on sale last week only, although it was announced on September 12.

  • Published: October 29, 2018 3:36 PM IST

Image: YouTube Jerryrigeverything

Apple’s iPhone XR was recently made available to everyone around the world, including India, last week. The iPhone XR comes as the successor to last year’s iPhone 8, which had an LCD display while the iPhone XS replaced iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max replaced the iPhone 8 Plus.

The other two 2018 iPhone models by Apple have been on sale for a month now, and we have seen their durability tests as well. Now JerryRigEverything has stress tested the latest on-sale iPhone XR on video to determine its toughness.

As seen in the YouTube video, the Apple iPhone XR was put through scratch, burn, and bend tests. In terms of handling the scratches, the front LCD display on iPhone XR could handle sharper objects like knife till level five, while the scratches appeared on level six with deeper grooves at level seven.

The anodized aluminum body of the iPhone XR is not like the steel body of new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , although it could handle the sharper knife peeling and can be seen be very solid too. When it came to burn test of the iPhone XR’s LCD panel, it could withstood an open flame for about 10 seconds, however the dead pixels went back to normal within a few seconds.

Coming to the durability test of “sapphire lens” on the rear camera sensor, the lens glass scratched at level six, which is a weak point of the iPhone XR. Even the YouTuber in its final statement said that “the sapphire isn’t pure”.

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Lastly for the bend test, the iPhone XR’s anodized aluminum body stood out strongest in the video and overall the phone passed YouTuber’s durability test.

  • Published Date: October 29, 2018 3:36 PM IST