Watch: The original Nokia 3310 gets blasted with 1 million volts; the result is beyond impressive

Yet another tale of the Nokia 3310’s legendary indestructibility.

  • Published: May 28, 2018 11:31 AM IST

The tales of Nokia 3310’s indestructibility are the stuff of legends. From surviving drops from dizzying heights to stopping bullets, we have come across some crazy stories. Adding to that list is a new YouTube video showing the phone getting hit with one million volts of current. And what happens to the phone, is well, not that surprising.

The crazy video was posted on YouTube channel kreosan. It shows the creators hit the Nokia 3310 and a modern-day smartphone with one million volts of current. Their agenda is to only see if either of the devices can withstand such a jolt.

Unsurprisingly, the Nokia 3310 survived the experiment. Despite being repeatedly hit with the current, the phone didn’t seem to have any visible damage. After taking the phone out of the customized rig, it still managed to catch a signal, and also received an SMS. In fact, the phone even received a call while being hit with the high current. Talk about true God-mode.

The same however can’t be said about the smartphone. Modern-day smartphones are filled to the brim with sensors, and they were to first to fail when hit with one million volts of current. While being hit by the current, you can see different apps on the smartphone opening and closing, and even the keyboard typing out random letters. At the end of the experiment, while the smartphone continues to be switched on, all the touch sensors have failed, rendering it useless.

While they seem to be clearly enjoying their “experiment”, we must warn users of the hazards. One million volts of current is no small thing, and an accident could mean potential death. Imagine being hit with a bolt of lightning from Thor’s hammer.

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  • Published Date: May 28, 2018 11:31 AM IST