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WhatsApp adds 'Ignore archived chats' feature to 2.19.101 Android beta version

WhatsApp is essentially renaming Vacation Mode feature to Ignore archived chats on the latest Android beta.

  • Published: April 11, 2019 9:45 AM IST

WhatsApp is back again with a new feature, which will change a few things and make your experience better. Now, the messaging service has added an ‘Ignore archived chats’ feature to 2.19.101 Android beta version. WhatsApp has just relabelled the old Vacation mode feature to the ‘Ignore archived chats’, and both offer similar features. “The feature was originally called Vacation Mode, but now its name is Ignore archived chats,” Wabetainfo reports.

The Facebook-owned company originally introduced this feature back in October 2018. Now, WhatsApp seems to be planning to add this feature. The vacation mode feature was unveiled so that users will be able to mute archived chats to remain archived until he/she unmutes or unarchives them. Currently, the messaging service automatically unarchives the archived chats when a user receives a new message from a friend or group.

WhatsApp is expected to soon roll out this feature as it will help those who want to keep their individual chats/groups chats archived to keep their conversations uncluttered. Once the feature will be officially released, you will be able to activate it from WhatsApp Notifications Settings menu. “Thanks to the Ignore archived chats feature, things are going to change soon for archived chats: when the feature is enabled from your WhatsApp Notification Settings, archived chats won’t be unarchived when new messages arrive,” the report mentioned.

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Additionally, WhatsApp will also add a new Archived cell in the main Chats window, that will appear when you slide down the chats list. The newly added “Ignore archived chats” feature is not available yet. But the cited source revealed that the change is enabled by default and one can check it immediately by updating to the 2.19.101 beta. There could be a possibility that you might not witness this feature as it is still under development phase. “We don’t know when WhatsApp is going to enable the Ignore archived chats feature. They are surely going to roll out it in future,” the report stated.

  • Published Date: April 11, 2019 9:45 AM IST