WhatsApp backups will no longer take away your Google Drive storage space

The agreement between Google and WhatsApp will come into effect for all users on 12 November 2018.

  • Published: August 16, 2018 11:50 AM IST

Starting November 12, your WhatsApp backup on your Google Drive account (Gmail account) won’t count against your storage quota. It simply means free storage for your WhatsApp backup.

WhatsApp and Google have reached a new agreement in which WhatsApp backup data will not be a part of your Google Drive storage quota. It does not mean that the backup won’t be stored on Google Drive, it will just be stored separately within your Google Drive without taking away your free or purchased storage.

Google has started sending an email announcing this agreement to Google Drive users, first reported by XDA-Developers. The company has also noted to manually take your WhatsApp backup before October 30. Additionally, If users haven’t updated their WhatsApp backup on Google in more than a year then it will be automatically removed from storage.

The email circulated by Google Drive teams notes that this new agreement with WhatsApp is currently not in effect. It “will come into effect for all users on 12 November 2018, although some users may see the quota benefits earlier.”

So if you have an X amount of WhatsApp data (messages, photos, and videos) backed up to your Gmail ID then it is currently taking your virtual Google Drive space.

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Meanwhile, WhatsApp might start showing advertisements in its ‘Status’ feature soon. The company has already started allowing companies to contact you via the service directly. WhatsApp officials have confirmed that for any customer-service queries these companies will now be able to message you on WhatsApp instead of calling. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is looking to make this a revenue generation feature, and with it, the companies opting for the service will be charged ‘half a penny and 9 cents’ for every message delivered to the customer depending on the country/ region.

  • Published Date: August 16, 2018 11:50 AM IST