WhatsApp working on continuous voice message playback and group calling shortcut

These features are available in the code of the beta app but it looks like WhatsApp has not enabled them even for beta users.

  • Published: November 28, 2018 8:46 AM IST

WhatsApp developers are working on two new features for the apps for its popular multimedia messaging platform. According to the reports on the internet, their new features include the ability to playback multiple audio messages consecutively one after the other and shortcuts to make group calls. Both these features were spotted on the Beta version of the app for Android which means that the company is currently testing these features to make them ready for the prime time. In fact, even though the features are available in the code of the beta app but it looks like WhatsApp has not enabled them even for beta users.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the first feature enables the app to play all the voice messages one after the other in case WhatsApp detects two or more than two voice messages. Users simply need to tap and play the first message. The code for this feature was already added to WhatsApp for iOS in version 2.18.100 and now the developers have added it to the Android app in version 2.18.362.

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The app will also play two short audio cues, the first one when one audio message has completed the playback and there is another message ready to be played back and the second one when the voice messaged has completed playback and there are no pending messages. The report indicated that the feature is likely to be enabled for beta users in the upcoming WhatsApp beta update.

Moving to the second feature, that is the group calling shortcut, the company seems to be improving how video calls are made. According to the report, the developers have just added this to Android after adding it in the code for their iOS app in version

Image credit: WABetaInfo

As part of the feature, a new call shortcut will be added on the top right corner of the group conversation. Tapping on this will showcase a list of all the people that are part of the group, though they need to be saved in your contact list. Once you select the users you want to call, the list will show options for audio or video call. Once this is done, users can initiate the call which is much easier than the current method of calling a person and then adding others in the call later.

Users can only add users in the call that are part of the group. Similar to the previous feature, the company is likely to enable it in the next beta update.

  • Published Date: November 28, 2018 8:46 AM IST