WhatsApp Group Calling feature launched on iOS and Android Beta ahead of launch

The feature has seen a limited release and has been noticed only by some users.

  • Published: May 21, 2018 10:33 AM IST
WhatsApp video call

WhatsApp Groups calling was one of the features that was announced during the Facebook F8 2018 conference that was held a little while ago. And now it seems that the company has rolled out the feature to a handful of its users. WhatsApp iOS build 2.18.52 and Android beta version 2.18.145+ have now been updated with this feature.

The company is no doubt trying out the feature and observing for any difficulties that they might be facing with the actual launch. This feature was first noticed by WABeta Info who tweeted about it. According to what they have found, there does not appear to be an invite system in place for new people to get it. Only a few select players are going to get it, though there is no mention of the basis on what they were chosen. So even if someone is on the correct build version, there is no guarantee that they would have the feature.

The website has even mentioned a method by which you can check whether you have the feature or not. It’s rather simple, if you are on the build mentioned above, just make a video call to someone, and if you have the feature, new buttons ought to show up on the screen during the call. The button is supposed to be called “Add participant”, and will let you do exactly what it says, add someone else to the call.

This limited rollout could take a while to reach other users. And if the Facebook F8 demonstration was any indication, then the call should allow a total of four people on one video call and that would include the person initiating the call.

The other feature that was teased on F8 for WhatsApp was the sticker feature and though it is on Android Beta, there has been no mention of a possible release date from the developers.

  • Published Date: May 21, 2018 10:33 AM IST