WhatsApp integrated with Apple CarPlay; allows messaging using Siri

The integration allows you to access WhatsApp messages by instructing Siri.

  • Published: January 30, 2018 12:49 PM IST

If you use Apple’s CarPlay connectivity system, you will now be able to access WhatsApp messages with the latest integration. WhatsApp has now been added with support for the in-vehicle system allowing you to receive WhatsApp push messages while driving.

Once updated to WhatsApp version 2.18.2, the app icon automatically appears on the CarPlay dash interface, allowing easier access, MacRumors reports. With the new integration Siri will notify you when you receive a new WhatsApp message, and offer to read them aloud one by one.

Earlier, accessing WhatsApp messages through CarPlay was possible by using the app’s Siri integration. The official CarPlay support now also allows you to send WhatsApp messages by instructing Siri to contact a specific recipient and then dictating the message. As always, Siri will reconfirm the message with you after which you could choose to send or edit the message.

The latest integration will come handy for WhatsApp users who are part of the Apple ecosystem. The CarPlay system already supports playback of audio-based iMessages, read aloud texts, and compose a message using Siri. In contrast, WhatsApp in CarPlay does not allow you the ability to browse through a list of chat conversations. So essentially, you only get to respond or read the newly received WhatsApp push.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp recently introduced its business version for users in India. Called ‘WhatsApp Business‘, the app is currently exclusive to Android users, and allows companies to connect easily with their customers, and in turn also makes it convenient for users to chat with businesses that matter to them.

In the 2017 Retrospective Report, App Annie found WhatsApp as the top-most downloaded app in India. Out of the 71 billion hours spent on the top-five social apps on Android, WhatsApp accounted for over 50 percent of those hours.

  • Published Date: January 30, 2018 12:49 PM IST