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WhatsApp's Stories feature has 175 million daily users; surpasses Snapchat

WhatsApp rolled out the Snapchat-like Stories feature in February.


Facebook’s cleverest method so far has been cloning Snapchat’s iconic feature of disappearing posts on all its major products. It all began with one of the most loved apps amongst millenials, Instagram, last year which managed to garner 100 million daily active users in just two months. Facebook then went on to integrating the ‘Stories’ feature on WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself. Facebook’s efforts of copying Snapchat has led to another achievement as WhatsApp’s Status-Stories feature now has 175 million daily users. Funnily, this figure surpasses Snapchat’s 161 million daily users.

At its quarterly earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook now has 1.9 billion monthly users, Instagram has 700 million, WhatsApp and Messenger have 1.2 billion monthly users. Zuckerberg also announced that WhatsApp’s Status which has the Stories feature has engaged 175 million daily users globally. This feature on WhatsApp was launched in February and 175 million is a big number since it has only been two months since the update rolled out globally. The introduction of the Stories feature on WhatsApp however failed to create hype like Instagram did, where Facebook was attacked from every angle.

WhatsApp’s number of 1.2 billion daily users speaks volumes of the messaging app’s popularity, and how it has evolved over the years. WhatsApp is liked and preferred over other messaging apps for its simple and convenient UI. WhatsApp’s integration of Stories on the status update tab did not receive much appreciation as it removed the text-based status update. Almost a month after rolling out the Status-Stories feature, WhatsApp brought back the text-based status update while retaining the former as well. ALSO READ: Here’s why Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram have all turned into each other’s clones

WhatsApp’s Status-Stories feature achieving a staggering 175 million daily users appears to be quite surprising. Personally, I had no liking towards this feature on WhatsApp and ignored it too. What’s notable is also that the Stories feature on WhatsApp isn’t there staring at your face when you open the app. It works as a separate tab which if not opened, doesn’t seem like it even exists. As for the text-based status update, WhatsApp has a shortcut key which is placed on the Chats section of the app. As for Instagram, Messenger and Facebook as well, the Stories feature is located on top of the app and may easily prompt users to click on it to view posts or even upload one. ALSO READ: Cloning Snapchat Stories worked beautifully for Instagram, it now has 700 million monthly active users

Although Snapchat still stands firm with 161 million daily users, the fact that its competitors are pushing it down cannot be ignored. Snapchat has suffered a drop of 40 percent in terms of usage after the launch of Instagram Stories. Analysts also say that Snapchat’s Story view counts have declined between 15 to 40 percent. However, Snapchat may still hold its popularity in the US according to the latest data by App Annie as reported by Bloomberg. During the fourth quarter, 35 percent of Snapchat’s daily users in the US aren’t using Facebook, 46 percent aren’t on Instagram and around 61 percent aren’t watching YouTube videos. Snapchat also recorded 60 million daily users in the US and Canada. ALSO READ: Instagram Stories’ popularity leads to steep decline in Snapchat Story usage: Report

  • Published Date: May 4, 2017 1:33 PM IST