Windows Lite to come with a redesigned Start Menu: Report

The report also noted that the company is also working on a number of different interfaces for Windows 10.

  • Published: January 25, 2019 11:56 AM IST
Windows 10 Wallpaper

Image: Microsoft

It looks like Windows Lite, the Chrome OS competitor by Microsoft will come with a redesigned start menu. This new start menu will not come with Live Tiles, a feature that was first introduced with Windows 8. It is worth noting that Windows Lite will be different from the existing Windows 10. To dive into the differences, Windows Lite will run on Webshell, a user interface that will not be similar to what we have grown to expect from Windows-powered devices. In addition, the information also indicates that Windows Lite users will not be able to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.

The information about the design changes in the start menu and Windows Lite was initially spotted by Windows Central and then later reported by MSPowerUser. The report noted that Live Tiles is not a highly used feature amongst both Windows users as well as developers working on Windows 10 apps. It also pointed to internal Microsoft documentation stating that “people aren’t really” using the Start menu “to look at or customize live tiles.” Instead, users tend to pin everything on the taskbar to quickly access the most used apps.

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The report also noted that it is possible that the company may drop off the functionality in the regular version of Windows 10. This is because the company has not developed the feature in a long time. Talking about Windows Lite, as previously mentioned, Lite is likely to compete with Chrome OS by Google. Windows Lite users can install all the regular apps, however, they can only install all the apps from Windows Store.

The report also noted that the company is also working on a number of different interfaces for Windows 10. Some of these interfaces include Andromeda and Polaris. There is not much information available about Windows Lite at the time though according to the limited information uncovered at the time of writing, it looks like the company is building Windows Lite on Windows Core OS.

  • Published Date: January 25, 2019 11:56 AM IST