WWDC 2017: Apple's 'Files' app for iOS appears on App Store

The new app will be supported only by 64-bit architecture.


WWDC 2017 is barely a few hours away and right before the official launch, an all new iOS app has appeared on the Apple App Store. The new app is simply called ‘Files’ and unfortunately, there are no details regarding this new app. The iPhone and iPad compliant app was initially spotted by Steven Troughton-Smith. 

The details surrounding this new app are scarce though the simple naming suggests it to be a basic file management app. The icon in blue merely states “File app for iOS” in the description, not giving away any of the features of the new app. Unsurprisingly, the app supports only 64-bit architecture, and clearly, will not be compliant with 32-bit devices, a warning Apple has been issuing to users.

The new app will reportedly bring the option to users to uninstall default apps. Presently, users cannot uninstall specific apps on the devices. The new Files folder might act the holder for the uninstalled apps, giving users the option to re-install them as and when required. Additionally, the Activity app recently appeared on the Apple Store, further strengthening the belief that apple might give users the option to delete certain default apps – something not possible before iOS 11. ALSO READ: WWDC 2017: More than the smart speaker, I’m looking forward to a smarter Siri


Ease in file management has been a constant request from Apple users, something which Apple has ignored till date. The demands have been high especially among iPad Pro users. Apple seems to have finally caved in to user demands. Fans have been active on Twitter and there are a range of demands for Apple this year. Apart from an updated Siri (Google Assistant can perform quite a few tasks Siri can’t), users are also demanding a Dark Mode, Custom App Icons, ‘Unsend’ option for text messages, Download All in the Music Store, etc. ALSO READ: WWDC 2017: Here’s Twitter’s wishlist for Apple’s iOS 11

For the first time in many years, WWDC 2017 will focus not just on the software bits but even hardware. iOS 11 is a given (iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be based on it) and Apple is also believed to launch the Siri Speaker this year. Apple is also rumored to upgrade its device lineup, though there have been no concrete developments on that front, with leaks few and far between.

  • Published Date: June 5, 2017 3:32 PM IST