Xiaomi admits that WhatsApp 'obsolete' error may have been its fault

Xiaomi says that it accidentally pushed a beta version to the app store, which may have caused the issue.

  • Published: January 17, 2018 5:54 PM IST

This weekend, and especially on January 13, some WhatsApp users were plagued with an ‘obsolete’ error, which left the users out of the app, forcing them to run a re-install. While re-installing the app worked for some, for others, even that wouldn’t do any good. Coincidentally, a majority of these issues were reported by Xiaomi users.

We had reached out to WhatsApp and we were told that the problem was with how WhatsApp is distributed, which was apparently not under their control. As first spotted by Techook, Xiaomi has stepped out to admit that this issue may have occurred at its doorstep.

In a statement, Xiaomi admitted that, “A few Xiaomi users reported an issue with WhatsApp on their smartphones. After a thorough investigation, we learned that a beta version of WhatsApp was pushed out on our Mi App Store a few days ago, which some users updated to. We have updated our App store listing with a newer version, approved by WhatsApp, which we encourage any users facing issues, to update to. We apologize for any inconvenience faced by our Mi Fans, and promise to be more vigilant going forward.”

Essentially, if you have faced the error, re-install the app, and make sure you are running the latest version. WhatsApp users have been complaining that their WhatsApp suddenly stopped working and they were welcomed with an ‘obsolete’ error when they launched the app. The error read: “This version of WhatsApp became obsolete on 13 Jan, 2018. Please go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version”.

  • Published Date: January 17, 2018 5:54 PM IST