Xiaomi announces smart trash bin that opens automatically and packages the waste

Xiaomi is making trash bin smart by adding sensors and automating simple task like packaging the waste.

  • Published: August 1, 2018 11:53 AM IST
Xiaomi smart trash bin main

Xiaomi is primarily known for its smartphones that offer great features without costing a lot of money. But there is another side of the company that launches products, which do not fit into the mainstream category. As part of that effort, Xiaomi has launched a new product under its crowdfunding platform, which is basically a smart trash bin.

The primary benefit with Xiaomi’s smart trash bin is the way it handles waste. The trash bin from Xiaomi will not dispose of your trash automatically but ensures safer handling of waste. One of the key features of the trash bin is the lid that opens automatically using induction. The device comes embedded with a smart sensor, which will detect the human hand or other objects approaching it within a distance of 0-35cm.

When it senses an object, the lid will automatically open to dispose the trash, meaning the user won’t need to touch the bin at all or even bend over. While the lid opens automatically, the lid itself is air tight, and will effectively block odor from coming out of the bin. Another smart feature of this trash bin is that it can automatically package the waste when it is full.

It will also automatically replace the waste bag when the old one is removed. The smart trash bin measures 400mm high and weighs around 3.5kg and it has a capacity of 15.5 litres. The product is painted in beige color, which gives it an understated look for being branded as a trash bin. This new product from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform is all about convenience and ease of use.

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In terms of pricing, the Chinese company has priced this smart trash bin at RMB 199 (around Rs 2,000), and is available via Youpin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. The product is already a success and the crowdfunding platform shows that it has already received 11,000 support. It is expected to begin shipping on September 11 in its home market.

  • Published Date: August 1, 2018 11:53 AM IST