Xiaomi Smart Notepad launched in China, lets you transfer text to digital devices

Xiaomi Smart Notepad allows users to write on physical paper and digitally transfer it to other device.

  • Published: November 16, 2018 1:49 PM IST
xiaomi smart notepad main

Xiaomi is known for smartphones and televisions but it also makes other consumer electronics devices like laptops and air purifier. Now, it has silently introduced a new device that will allow users to comfortably write on a notepad and then transfer them digitally without having to type it again.

The new smart notepad from Xiaomi is called “Bamboo Slate Portable Smart Notepad” and aims to combine the physical and digital world. While it is easier to carry around handheld devices, some people tend to miss the convenience of writing on a paper. With its smart notepad, Xiaomi wants to bridge that gap and it is being referred to as a smart learning office stationery by the company.

Xiaomi’s smart notepad hit the Chinese market today and it is priced at RMB 799 (around Rs 8,260). The new “Bamboo Slate Portable Smart Notepad” is being designed by Taohualin (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. The smart notepad comes with features like cloud synchronization and original handwriting restoration. It sports a design that can be described as being similar to that of a slim tablet-style device and has real paper which can be replaced for any other paper.

The smart notepad comes with a specially developed application for iOS, Android and Windows 10 and through this app, users will be able to transfer their writing to a corresponding device. The transfer can happen by tapping just one key and users can then edit the text as they deem fit.

One of the best things about this device is that you can write on physical paper, transfer the content to a digital device and then edit the text, not possible on paper notebooks. The device relies on electromagnetic resonance technology used to construct a stable and precise magnetic field at the bottom of the device.

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When you write on the paper, the displacement sensor built in the electromagnetic pen captures and records the writing signal in real time, which later helps in restoring the handwriting. It also includes WILL technology for free handwriting trace and supports splitting of digital documents, free typesetting of paragraph content, handwriting addition, deletion and even coloring.

There is also a Bluetooth connection state, where the support screen can display the paper writing content in real time and double-click the screen to complete the storage. It has a maximum of 100 pages and has automatic storage support in offline mode. While Xiaomi has not revealed its plans to bring the device outside China, we can certainly hope that it brings the product to India as part of Mi Store expansion.

  • Published Date: November 16, 2018 1:49 PM IST