Xiaomi launches Ninebot Gokart Kit that converts its self-balancing scooter into a Go-kart

Since this is sort of an electric vehicle, and not everyone is at the same skill level in driving, Xiaomi has added three modes that can restrict its speed.

  • Published: August 3, 2018 1:14 PM IST
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Image credit: Segway

Xiaomi has just launched a new Ninebot Gokart Kit for its fans in the Chinese market. According to the announcement, this kit will allow Ninebot self-balancing scooter users to convert their scooter into a Go-kart. This means that users can transform their scooter into a Go-kart without the need to buy a Go-kart separately as a modular unit. According to a report by GizmoChina, the kit does not come with any propelling power of its own. This means that it does not have any electronic motor that can help it move on its own.

Instead, the kit depends on the power generated by Ninebot self-balancing scooter to power the transformed Go-kart. The announcement added that the Go-kart in question would come with a racing car steering wheel with the ratio 2.1:1 while achieving the maximum speed of 24 km/h. Considering that this is sort of an electric vehicle, and not everyone is at the same skill level in driving, Xiaomi has added three modes that can restrict the speed of the Go-kart with the help of the mobile app for the kit. This app can check the real-time speed, fault reminder, and the speed of the kart.

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The first mode is the novice mode where the max speed of the kart is limited to 8km/h, the second mode is the normal mode where the driver can max the top speed at 18 km/h, and third is the sport mode where the Go-kart can reach its maximum speed of 24km/h. Other features include changing the direction of driving to reverse by double stepping on the brake pedals twice. The interesting part is that Xiaomi has also given a “mechanical handbrake” in the Go-kart that is connected to the wheels.

The wheels on the kit are ‘non-inflatable’ so that should come as a relief for potential buyers who think that they will have yet another thing to manage. The kit can be retracted, comes with a height from 130cm-190cm, and a max load of up to 100kg. Talking about the audience, this device is meant for kids and adults under 100kg. The company has priced the kit for 2999 yuan which amounts to Rs 29,977. The thing to note here is that this kit is already available on sale in the United States by Segway, a Ninebot subsidiary.

Buyers can also pre-order this device from Chinese giant Before anyone asks, neither the Go-kart Kit nor the Ninebot self-balancing scooter is available in the Indian market. We are not sure if or when these two products are expected to make their way to India.

  • Published Date: August 3, 2018 1:14 PM IST