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Xiaomi Mi Laser TV Projector, Smart LED Bulb listed on US retailer Walmart's website

Xiaomi has official plans to debut in the US market sometime in 2019.

  • Published: November 19, 2018 10:19 AM IST

It’s no secret that Xiaomi has had plans to enter the US market. In fact, the company has a big launch event scheduled for December 8 in New York where the Mi MIX 3 is expected to be unveiled. However, it seems the company wants to cash in on the upcoming buying frenzy prior to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This weekend, several Xiaomi smart home products quietly landed at US retail chain Walmart, and Xiaomi’s Mi Laser TV projector is one of them. The Laser TV projector was previously sold on Amazon for $2,293.99, but this was a third-party seller listing from Generic.

One of the highest sold items during the upcoming holiday season is TVs, and the above-mentioned price is even more than many 4K TVs in the market. This is due to the import tariffs that need to be paid, which makes the product costlier for third-party sellers. Aside from the projector, there were a few other products as well that were listed on Walmart. Amongst them were the Mijia Bedside Color Lamp, and Smart LED bulbs which are sold under Mijia’s umbrella in other continents. On Walmart, all products from the brand’s subsidiary seemingly will be sold under “Xiaomi“.

Xiaomi, which recently debuted in the UK, has long had plans to step foot on US soil. Xiaomi’s senior VP, Wang Xiang, confirmed in mid-2018 that the brand is looking to foray in the “attractive” market by 2019. There are still no exact time frames yet.

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For now, Xiaomi’s presence remains minimal with no smartphones officially being sold in the market. The brand is working closely with US carriers to make its handsets compatible with US carriers. Despite tensions between the US and China and the recent Huawei controversy, Xiaomi remains confident that it will be able to sell its ecosystem products in the US.

  • Published Date: November 19, 2018 10:19 AM IST