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Xiaomi Mija Smart Washing machine likely to launch in the global market

You can control all the functions of the Xiaomi Mija Smart washing and drying machine directly from your smartphone.

  • Published: January 5, 2019 7:21 PM IST
Xiaomi Mija Washing and Drying Machine 1

Image credit: Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone and electronics giant Xiaomi is primarily known for its entry-level, budget, and mid-range smartphones in the Indian market. The company launched its smart TV products in the country about a year back and it has taken the TV industry by storm. In addition to this, the company has also launched small smartphone-related accessories such as powerbanks, cases, Bluetooth-powered audio products and more. Other products including fitness bands, air purifiers, routers, travel and lifestyle related products such as selfie sticks, luggage trolleys, and backpacks. Even after this, there is a whole range of devices that the company has not launched in the Indian market. The company recently launched its latest Mija Smart All-in-one washing and drying machine in China.

Right after the launch of the washing machine, Donovan Sung, the Global spokesperson, and director of the product management at Xiaomi asked if the company should launch it in the global market. Sung used his personal Twitter account to ask this question to Xiaomi fans and a number of them replied to the original tweet requesting him to launch the latest product in their local markets. Though Sung did not respond by confirming that the company is planning to launch it in the global market but the question itself opens up the possibility that Xiaomi may be looking to bring its product portfolio to the international market.

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To recap, the company launched the washing and drying machine on its website. It is priced at 2,499 RMB which amounts to about Rs 25,300 at the time of writing. It claims that the machine matches the highest washing standard and sports 21 different types of washing and drying modes. The machine also comes with 1400 rpm capable high-speed variable frequency motor. In addition to washing efficiency, the machine also boasts energy and water saving. Talking about its drying capabilities, Xiaomi added that it can dry clothes in one hour with a sterilization rate of 99.9 percent which “is more efficient than sunlight”.

Image credit: Xiaomi

The washing and drying machine comes with a capacity of 10kg which means that one can wash up to 45 shits, or 12 jeans, or 4 sets of bed sheets at any given time. Xiaomi claims that the machine comes with “a new inner tube structure design” to achieve this. The company described some of the washing and drying modes in the machine adding that it can Air wash the clothes to deodorize the clothes.

Users can choose modes while changing the water level, washing temperature, the time it takes to wash, the time it takes to rinse the clothes, dehydration speed, and the time it takes to dry the clothes. The interesting part is that you can control all the functions directly from your smartphone.

  • Published Date: January 5, 2019 7:21 PM IST