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Xiaomi Milk Steamer smart-home device launched in China for about Rs 3,000

Xiaomi new Milk Steamer is an all-in-one smart home device which is able to make three different types of Milk foam instantly.

  • Published: November 19, 2018 10:38 AM IST

Xiaomi continues to expand its smart-home ecosytem, and the latest product to launch is the Xiaomi Milk Steamer. This new product can instantly make milk foam on a single button press, GizChina reports. The Milk Steamer is designed by Ningbo Xinxiang Technology Co. Ltd (in partnership with Xiaomi), and it provides after-sales service and replacement support as well.

The Xiaomi Milk Steamer supports three different modes: normal temperature milk foam, medium temperature milk foam, and hot temperature milk foam. The machine uses rapid speed switching to achieve higher temperature milk foam. The maximum volume when milking Normal/Medium Temperature Foam is recommended to be around 150ml, and the maximum milk volume while making hot milk foam is said to be around 250ml.

Xiaomi Milk Steamer features a one-click magnetic spin milking, hot milk function, separate cup body, and pull cup mouth design. The base of the milk steamer is equipped with an electronic heating component and a DC motor that can spin at a maximum speed of 5,500rpm. When the foaming process starts, the motor head spins the magnetic component, rotating the cup, and producing milk foam. The speed of the cup rotation depends on the mode selected.

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Once the foam making process is finished, the cup is easily retractable to directly pour into a mug. The Milk Steamer is currently only available to buy in China with a price tag of RMB 299 (approximately Rs 3,100). Like most of Xiaomi’s ecosystem products, this device too is unlikely to launch outside the company’s home market.

  • Published Date: November 19, 2018 10:38 AM IST