Xiaomi's new Bluetooth computer speakers support lossless audio and don't cost much

The new speakers are only available in China for now.

  • Published: August 2, 2018 1:01 PM IST
xiaomi bluetooth computer speaker

Xiaomi has launched a new pair of computer speakers, which work wirelessly over Bluetooth. The product comes as a pair, and is available on Youpin, a Chinese e-commerce website, for 399RMB (approximately Rs 4,000). The Bluetooth connection can also be used to pair the speaker set to other products such as smartphones, tablets and other devices that use wireless connectivity.

A key feature of the new Xiaomi speaker is support for lossless audio playback, meaning that the speaker will be able to play different audio file formats directly, thanks to the CSR Bluetooth chip in the speaker that allows for high-bitrate streaming of audio over Bluetooth.

The body material of the speaker is aluminium, and the speakers have a compact shape and size that makes them ideal for use on a desktop alongside a laptop. There is also a physical button on the front which can be used to adjust the volume on the speaker.

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You also get a microphone on the speaker set, which will allow it to be used for two-way communication. This is useful as you can use the speaker set as a hands-free for your phone, or even have video-calls on your PC directly using the speaker itself. The two speakers appear to be separate units with no wired connection between the two. This is similar to have truly-wireless headphones work, where one speaker wirelessly communicates with the other.

The affordable price tag and feature set will likely make this a popular purchase in Xiaomi’s home market of China. It’s unlikely that the speaker will be launched in India any time soon, though.

  • Published Date: August 2, 2018 1:01 PM IST